Nike Vandal Valentines Day Edition

Brand: Nike
Model: Vandal High
Style: Valentine’s Day Edition
Bought: in March 2007
Price: $202.94 AUD (which includes postage)

Favourite feature: The arrow at the front is cool but I adore the King and Queen card stitchings on the side.

Most wearable location: Kids parties and casinos

Other people say: “Are those shoes shining?”

What attracted me to the shoe: I’d seen them on blogs and I loved that they were such a piece of art. They are quickstrikes which means they are released in minimal quantities which of course makes them even more desirable. But mainly it was because I didn’t have any high tops and wanted a pair. I also wanted it to be something other than an Air Force One since I’d bought so many. Probably the most expensive pair I own, however they are also probably the most collectable. The red is also reflective like the tiffanies.

Why does the shirt match: Apart from the colour, they both have intricate drawings that are a little cartoonish

All this sounds great but what are they like to wear: Too big. They’d run out of the size I wanted so I had to go up. I thought I’d fit in to them since I have size 9s of other Nikes but it turns out the Vandals are bigger. I save them for special occasions where there isn’t much walking.

Nike Vandal Valentines Day Edition



6 thoughts on “Sneakers and Kicks – Nike Vandal Valentines Day Edition

  1. Ben Koepp says:

    I will pay whatever your price to have those shoes. I have been looking non-stop and can’t find them anywhere.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Are you selling these shoes? I’m looking everywhere for a size 9. Please please let me know, thanks. 🙂

  3. Astro Afriks says:

    They are totally sweet. I have a single, unworn pair here in London in US size 11 that I picked up in Boston about 18 months back. I’ll entertain offers for them if people are that desperate.

  4. lil miss too gud says:

    like if people really want these shoes, i got a pair on for 95.00 like a year ago


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