Nike Air Force 1s - Gold Quilts

Brand: Nike
Model: Air Force Ones
Style: Gold Quilt
Bought: Laced in Brisbane – Christmas 2006
Price: $180 AUD

Favourite feature: Obviously the quilting material

Most wearable location: Weddings

Other people say: “Hey there fancy shoes”

What attracted me to the shoe: They are the first Nike shoes designed for women that I was attracted to. At first when I saw it in the store I could deny myself it’s appeal but in idle moments my thoughts would turn to it so I knew I wanted it. I was able to justify it as a christmas present to myself, so now they are known as my “Christmas Bling”

Why does the shirt match: Yes gold and silver don’t go together but I only have one dressy shirt and since this is it that is what I have to wear. I’m looking to phase out the silver and find a more suitable dressy shirt.

All this sounds great but what are they like to wear:
The sole is quite rigid so after a few hours of wear you start to feel it in your hips for some reason. If you have jeans that go over your shoes, it wears away the gold until it becomes grey. That sucks when you’ve only worn it three times. I tried to complain about it to Nike but was dissuaded by the Laced guys. These shoes aren’t for every day wear – only special occasions.

Nike Air Force 1s - Gold Quilts

Nike Air Force 1s - Gold Quilts



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