Nike Air Force Ones - Frankenstein

Brand: Nike
Model: Air Force Ones
Style: Frankenstein
Bought: Hype in Brisbane – Maybe January 2007
Price: Maybe $180 AUD

Favourite feature: The scar

Most wearable location: Halloween Party

Other people say: “OMG, they’re bright!”

What attracted me to the shoe: The novelty value of the shoe just makes it so much fun. I love that it is subtle with the silver swoosh taking it’s design tips from the studs in Frankenstein’s neck but so in your face with the green. I saw it in Apartment in Elizabeth Arcade on the Friday but by the time I decided to get it on the Monday it had gone. He couldn’t find any others available for order so I gave up on it until Hype opened a store in the Queen St Mall and had one in my size for sale. Another meant to be moment.

Why does the shirt match: It’s as bright as the shoes and since yellow and green go together (see I love RIo for proof) it’s a no brainer. Also, the obvious violence of the shirt matches well with a shoe that evokes images of horror.

All this sounds great but what are they like to wear:
This shoe can only be worn on a confident day when you are ready to step out and greet people. Everyone can see you coming from a mile away so be prepared to be looked at. Thanks to the patent leather they also make noises when you walk so not only are you bright but you are noisy too. The shoes are a little heavy too which I find is common with all Air Force Ones. An extrovert’s shoe.

 Nike Air Force Ones - Frankenstein



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