Converse One Star - Silver and BlackBrand: Converse
Model: One Star
Style: Silver and Black
Bought: Combined, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
Price: $50
Date: April 16, 2010

Favourite feature: They are fancy enough to wear at most formal events

Most wearable location: Fancy restaurant or a not uptight wedding

Other people say: That’s pretty blingy!

What attracted me to the shoe: Firstly the price, Combined was having a sale and I was only down in that part of town for a training course for three days – so it was serendipity it was there. Plus I knew they’d go with my silver and black shirt – much more than the Nike Air Force Gold Quilts I had been wearing with it.

Why does the shirt match: It’s really kind of obvious. This is a formal shirt I wear at weddings and funerals and since I’m rarely seen in anything other than sneakers I needed something that matched but didn’t go too far out there.

All this sounds great but what are they like to wear: They don’t have the foot support that a nike shoe has so they aren’t good for long periods of standing still or walking, but they can last a few hours or so. The excel at the sitting down part and looking cool, but are way more comfortable than a converse all star that is for sure.



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