Day 33 – Hoi An

Breakfast was an array of cold frittered fruit and cold pineapple pancakes which wasn’t too bad. Probably the most unique breakfast I have had so far. We were up early because we were all going for a bike ride to the beach. A few dipped out though due to belly sickness or uneasiness with the… Continue reading Day 33 – Hoi An

Day 11 – Vientiane

Laos dancing b boy style in Vientiane Breakfast was included as part of the hotel fees so I had my first taste of Lao breakfast. A bit of noodles, some tofu with pork balls, some tiny bits of bacon mixed with mushrooms and corn and some rice. I could have had eggs cooked for me… Continue reading Day 11 – Vientiane

Day 6 – Ronks to Philadelphia

Yet another day of missing photos. 🙁 *Update – the photos were recovered off the external hard drive* Had a restless night in the Olde Amish Inn. The bed was rather uncomfortable which made it difficult to sleep. But it did have a mirror and the sink outside the room where the toilet and shower… Continue reading Day 6 – Ronks to Philadelphia