Woke up with a door knock and phone call at 5.30am to find out our house had been broken in to and the car had been stolen. We’d only been gone two days and had our first break-in in 10 years. The car was stolen along with some electrical items. Not a great way to start the day, so I decided to deal with it by pretending it didn’t happen. Pauline got depressed about it but busied herself making a list of everything that was in the car.

Breakfast was a muffin, banana from the hampton inn and free coffee from the downstairs lobby.

Went to the Crime and Punishment museum to figure out what we could do to the house thieves if they were ever caught. Saw the original bonny and clyde car (from the movie), paintings and drawings by John Wayne Gacy and Charles Manson, the bust of John List and the CSI experience. We bought the audio tour but it wasnt really worth the extra $3.50. They film Americas most wanted in the basement.

The car from the movie Bonnie and Clyde starring Warren Beatty:

Bonnie and Clydes shot up car from the movie starring Warren Beatty

Auntie sue in the lineup because she stole the remote too many times. Note the crazy eyes and remote discretely held in her hands:

This woman stole the remote too many times

Pauline living out her fantasies on a police bike with flashing lights:

Pauline on a police bike

Fiona is America’s Most Wanted:

Fiona is America's Most Wanted

I locked Mum away until she escaped through the big hole I had failed to notice:

Caught just before she escaped through the big hole

This is the CSI experience:

On the slab

That took longer than expected, so it was about midday when we bought tickets on the hop on hop off bus. Had to wait 20 mins for the next one to come and then we took a slow ambling stop start ride through the city. Although it took us past all the major sites, it was such a painful experience that we were dying to get off by the time we got to the Lincoln Memorial. The commentary wasn’t bad, but it was a recording that got repeated sometimes 3 times due to traffic stops.

Capitol Hill:

Capitol Hill Washington

Jefferson Memorial with the Washington Monument in the background:

Jefferson Memorial

At the Lincoln Memorial we visited the Korean War display with the poncho men and reflecting wall. Then up to the big man himself, Lincoln. Its an impressive sculpture of marble and the view to the washington monument and capitol hill is impressive and reminded me of Canberra.

Korean War Veterans Memorial:

Korean War Veterans Memorial

Statue of Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial:

Lincoln Memorial

Walked to the other side to pick up the blue line bus to Arlington Cemetery but there were no signs to indicate where the bus stopped. We waited about 20 mins but decided to walk when we saw that the last bus to Arlington left at 5pm and it was after that time. We had just gotten over the bridge when the bus passed us – typical. At least we discovered the metro station and the cemetery were close together and we still had 2 hours to see the cemetery.

Official looking helicopters kept flying overhead, this one over the Arlington Memorial Bridge:

Helicopter over the Arlington Memorial Bridge

Bought the trolley bus tour to take us around the cemetery for $7.50 since we were short on time. It took us to JFKs grave where Jackie and Robert Kennedy are also buried. The trolley then raced up to catch the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier. It was an intricate display of military flair. Gun inspection, legs clicking and saluting. They changed the guard and then they changed the wreath. Also a colesium there for formal occasions.

Entrance to the Cemetery:

Arlington National Cemetery

JFK’s Grave:

The grave of JFK at Arlington National Cemetery

Robert Kennedy’s grave:

Robert Kennedy's grave

Changing of the guard:

Changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown soldier

Arlington Ampitheatre:

Memorial Amphitheater

Next stop was Arlington house where we almost didn’t get off. The view there was lovely though until I blew my nose and made it bleed like a bastard. We shoved tissues at it to stem the flow and eventually it stopped. Guess it was caused by the sinus issues ive had since we left Australia.I guess you could say I left blood on the grounds of Arlington National Cemetery. Arlington House was owned by Robert E Lee and has a great view of Washington and the Lincoln Memorial. It is said that the house and memorial line up to signify the joining of the north and south at the end of the Civil War.

View from Arlington House:

View of Washington from Arlington House

The tour ended then and we caught a train back to Union station to meet up with the Night tour. We were impressed by the inside of Union Station, but not by the lineup for the tour bus. It waited there for ages, stinking us out with fumes. It looked like it was never going to leave because there were two seats still empty up stairs, so we said we’d sit down the bottom while Auntie Sue and Pauline sat up the top. Hard to take photos at night through glass so we didnt really get any nice photos. Eventually we went upstairs after some people got off and it was pretty cold. The commentary was the same as the day tour so we were pretty bored hearing the same stuff again. Cant really recommend the Double Decker Tour bus for those reasons.

Union Station in Washington:

Union Station Washington

Union Station Washington

Capitol Hill at night

Capitol Hill

Washington Monument rushing past on the bus:

Washington Monument

Got off near our hotel and went and bought some cupcakes from the store I’d spied as we drove past. It wasn’t dinner though so we had to settle for mcdonalds since we weren’t up to a full service menu situation. The door to mcdonalds was guarded by a policemen and as we walked past there were about 5 people with the arms against the wall with their legs apart in the “patted down” position. By the time we got our dinner and came out again there was about 3 cop cars and lots of talking going on. I’m not sure what had happened but the area around the Verizon Centre seems to be a meeting place for young people.

Mmm cupcakes:


Ate our dinner in our rooms and then off to bed.

Chocolates thanks to the turn down service:

Turn down service

For more photos, check out the Flickr Set.

Tweets of the day:

the view from my hotel room is cool. This was an incredible hotel bargain. L’occitane toiletries.   http://twitpic.com/3gbbv
Heading out to do the crime museum and the hop on hop off bus.
Clowns are scary. Especially when john wayne gacy paints himself.  http://twitpic.com/3gpw9
Seen the crime museum. Now off on the hop on hop off bus.  http://twitpic.com/3gq3u
Did a lie detector test at crime museum and just touching with my fingers had an unusual effect. Worried I’m electric now.
Laughing about the lady who is complaining that the night tour doesn’t start for 5 hours. It’s 1pm in the afternoon lady!
The hop on hop off bus was like water torture. Slow and too many annoying people.
At the Lincoln memorial watching official looking helicopters zoom back and forth. No idea where they are going to or from.
Spilt my blood at Arlington cemetery. Unfortunately it was due to an unexpected nose bleed. Damn sinus.
Back on the hop on hop off bus and it’s still shit. Stand around for 30 mins while a full bus just sits there. Not organized well at all.
Crap. The night bus tour is doing the same parts that we have already done. At least it’s quicker this time cause no one is getting off.
A view of the Lincoln memorial not often seen.  http://twitpic.com/3hvoz
I will forever associate the Washington monument with Forrest gump.   http://twitpic.com/3hvru
Took a photo of Robert Kennedy’s grave at Arlington cemetery since his brother usually gets all the attention.  http://twitpic.com/3hw5g
Mmmm. We found dessert at Red Velvet.  http://twitpic.com/3hw8j
It’s lovely to come back to a turndown service.  http://twitpic.com/3hwax



3 thoughts on “Day 3 – Washington

  1. Jeremy says:

    Love the shots of Union Station.

    And “Washington Monument rushing past on the bus” is superb!!

  2. Amyo says:

    Americans sure know how to build beautiful train stations. I went to a few Union Stations and they were all stunning. 🙂

  3. Pauline says:

    The food near the memorials wasn’t very enticing so I washed it down with a Budweiser beer and came to realise that this is going to be my favourite beer for some time.


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