$60 success

It took a night outside in the cold wether but the dog is finally sleeping in the obscenely expensive dog bed Pauline insisted on getting him. In this photo he is also modeling his pink gay dog coat which he isn’t allowed to wear outside for fear of being picked on by the other dogs.… Continue reading $60 success


If you can’t tell I’ve been struggling with writer’s block for about 2 months now. It seems like everything I write is shittier than normal so I get through half a blog post and give up in disgust. I’ll be surprised if I even finish this. I’m not exactly sure of the reasons why I’m… Continue reading Lame

Tony Ferguson diet

Since my once a week – sometimes twice a week visits to the gym weren’t exactly assisting me in losing weight I’ve had to resort to means I once deemed ludicrous. I’m on a low carb diet called the Tony Ferguson diet. Essentially it’s the Atkins diet but with some carbs still involved. I’ve only… Continue reading Tony Ferguson diet

Wellness Centre

Typical touchy feely hr people to call a gym a “wellness centre”. It really should be called “portal to a torture chamber of hell and pain”. This is the attitude I’m taking in to my assessment at the gym tomorrow, where they will put me through a series of tests to figure out my fitness.… Continue reading Wellness Centre

I sold my arms on ebay

I could put a lot of words around this, but all I can say is Doug gave me permission to put this up here, he isn’t faking any parts of the photo and it was damn funny when I saw it in my mailbox this morning.

501 Blog Posts

Since this is the 501st blog post, I thought I’d celebrate the occasion with some excerpts of the posts that never made it to the published state for one reason or another. From Scandanavian backpackers dated 31st January 2005: How to tell the difference between a scandanavian backpacker and a Queensland Local in Brisbane: If… Continue reading 501 Blog Posts

They say it’s your….

Today is my birthday and I’ll I’ve heard all day is “you’re really hard to buy a present for”. I’ve found that comment surprising as I always thought I’d be easy. I thought being as obvious as I am about my interests would make it a little easier but it seems not. So, perhaps belatedly,… Continue reading They say it’s your….