Day 36 – Nha Trang to Saigon

5.15am wake up to catch a mini bus to the Mekong Delta at 6.30am which would take around 12-13 hours. Only problem was, when we got down to the lobby Hui told us that the bus wasn’t going to turn up until 8-9am. Bus driver wasn’t in Nha Trang yet or something. That raised all… Continue reading Day 36 – Nha Trang to Saigon

Day 16 – Cape Cod to Boston

A beautiful warm day in Chatham made us not want to leave. We spent the morning repacking our bags with the now clean clothes and while Sue and Fiona had breakfast in the hotel Mum, Pauline and I went for a walk in front of the main lodge along the beach. We left Pauline at… Continue reading Day 16 – Cape Cod to Boston

Day 15 – Cape Cod

Woke up in Chatham at the Chatham Bars Inn. Felt like ladies of luxury and enjoyed the views out the window of the golf course. We mucked around in the room for a while since we didn’t need to rush anywhere for once so we treated ourselves to the nespresso coffee pods like we have… Continue reading Day 15 – Cape Cod

Day 14 – New York to Chatham, Cape Cod

Up early to pack my bag (at the last minute) which was difficult because of all the stuff I’d accumulated. At least this time we weren’t going to be lugging it around – we were due to pick up a minivan and drive to Cape Cod today. Checked out of the hotel room, left mum… Continue reading Day 14 – New York to Chatham, Cape Cod

Day 7 – Philadelphia

Breakfast was an egg and cheese roll from a street cart. He scrambled the eggs then and there and boom, we had a fresh and non greasy egg roll. I was blown away at how good it tasted. They have great bread in Philadelphia. Walked up to the Philadelphia Visitor Center from our hotel and… Continue reading Day 7 – Philadelphia

Day 6 – Ronks to Philadelphia

Yet another day of missing photos. 🙁 *Update – the photos were recovered off the external hard drive* Had a restless night in the Olde Amish Inn. The bed was rather uncomfortable which made it difficult to sleep. But it did have a mirror and the sink outside the room where the toilet and shower… Continue reading Day 6 – Ronks to Philadelphia

Day 5 – Washington to Lancaster, PA

Lost all my photos of this day *sigh* so all I have are the iphone pictures. *Update – recovered them from the external hard drive!* Early wake up to pick up the car and check out of the hotel. Our awakening was helped by the cold shower we each had to have. Turns out that… Continue reading Day 5 – Washington to Lancaster, PA